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The Benefits Of Using Guest Spots

When you own a blog your posts will usually be done by you or at least by the same person (or group of people) each time. This creates a great, trusting relationship between you and your readers, and is how you maintain consistent traffic. But what do you do when you want to increase your [...]

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Top 5 Blogger Templates

Do you need new template for your blog? You can’t find good looking template? I found a few blogger templates and maybe they will be perfect for your needs! >>>Read More…..

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How To Make Extra Money With Your Blogger Blog

How to make Extra Money

Make Extra Money

Do you own blog ?
Do you want to make extra money with it?
No sense if it is just personal blog or business blog. No sense if it is blogger, wordpress or other blog!

You just have to decide how to monetize the traffic. You have a few ways for do that and maybe the best choice are affiliate programs and ppc programs.

>>>

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Top 4 blogger template websites

Top 4 Blogger Template Websites


In this article i will share with you the best places where you can find free blogger templates. As you know most of the websites which provides free blogger templates gives us ugly and non user friendly templates, but now, in this article you will find the Top 4 blogger template websites >>>Read More…..

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Premium website templates

Website templates

…you can turn them into blogger templates

In the previous article i shared a few websites for blogger templates. Now it’s time to help you with telling you one of the best website for premium/paid templates. That’s Dream Template. >>>Read More…..

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How to add myBloglog widget on Blog ( Blogger )


  • Register with your Yahoo! ID, add a photo and set up your profile.
  • As you visit MyBlogLog-enabled sites, your photo shows up on the widget – a virtual calling card. Clicking on your photo leads to your profile and all the stuff you share.
  • Add community to your blog. Check your stats, see what people read and where they went next. Play host to your most recent readers and the returning faithful.

( taken from http://www.mybloglog.com/ font page )


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